Oct 17 2008

MLearn 08: lasting impressions – unfortunately not all positive

The content of the workshops was interesting, fascinating in some cases – it is just a shame presenters didn’t take a risk in how to get that across.The quality of the workshops in terms of actually taking advantage of mobile technologies was minimal – lots of talk about rather than doing/demonstrating. Even video clips would have helped – letting us see what the learners were doing and saying.

Also -

We were totally removed from the rest of the world. A mobile learning conference with no wireless internet access! Whilst locked away “inside” the global economy crashed, Russia bought Iceland, New Zealand went into a depression – all these rumours circulating and no way of proving or disproving them. [I was in student accommodation so didn't even have a TV and daren't risk the expense of international G3!] Have discovered that I can last a total of three days without access to information and then I lose the plot…

My first experience of RFID – which seemed to stand for Reaching For Inspiration Desperately – the techies spent most of the time bums ahoy…

Oh – and daily being asked by the other foreign delegates what was for lunch and even I found it hard to describe :)

A few other delegates thoughts:

Andy Black

Thom Cochrane

Overall the food doesn’t matter, it is the conversation that counts and I met some great people. But boy was it nice to get back on Facebook…

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